Huddersfield Town Women FC

Constitution and Rules


1 The Club shall be known as Huddersfield Town Women's Football

Club hereinafter referred to as 'the Club'.


2 The aims of the Club shall be the promotion of Women's Football

within and beyond Kirklees MC and in order to facilitate this aim

the Club shall affiliate to such Associations, Competition and

Leagues as shall be required to play friendly and competitive

Matches at all age groups and further as the Management  Committee shall decide.


3 The Club Shall be run by a Management Committee (" the

Committee") Whose officers shall include but not be restricted to the






Assistant Secretary



There shall be three further Ordinary Members of the Committee.


4 An Executive Committee (" EC") shall be appointed annually by the

Committee. The Club Chairman shall also be Chairman of the EC.

The EC shall consist of a minimum of the Club Chairman and three

other members and shall have the authority to deal with matters of

Club discipline and any other such matter the Committee shall

remit to it.


5 All registered players of the Club shall be members of the Club. The

Club shall also include non-playing members who are not playing

Members by reason of age or sex.


6(1) Membership fees shall be payable annually at an amount set by the Committee. Fees will become due on 1 August each year.

Membership cards may be issued proof of membership.

6(2) Any members with fees outstanding at 30 November shall not be

eligible to represent the Club in any capacity until such fees have

been paid in full, subject to the discretion of the Committee.


7(1) An Annual General Meeting of all members shall be held by 30 June

of each year. At least 21 days' notice of the meeting shall be given.

The minutes of the previous year's Annual General Meeting and

the Annual Accounts shall be available to members 14 days before

the date of the Annual General Meeting together with a copy of the



7(2) Any member may raise any subject for discussion under t he heading

"Any Other Business" from the floor of the meeting without prior

notification subject to the agreement of the Chairman,

notwithstanding Rule 31.


7(3) All matters upon which a vote is taken shall be decided by a show

of hands of those members present. Postal votes shall be allowed.

In the event that the votes cast are level, the Chairman shall have

the casting vote. The Chairman shall not vote in any other



8(1) The Management Committee of the Club shall be elected at the

Annual General Meeting of the Club by a show of hands of those

members attending. To ensure continuity the following officers shall

be elected for the following periods:


Secretary - 3 years

Treasurer - 3 years


All other members of the Committee shall be elected for a fixed

period of between one and three years to allow for rotation. Team

Managers and/or Coaches shall be appointed in such a way as the

Committee shall decide.


8(2) All members of the Committee at the end of their term of office shall

resign but may offer them for re-election.


8(3) A Club Captain who shall be a registered player shall be nominated

by at least five other playing members including at least two playing

members from another team within the Club and elected annually by

those playing members registered with the Club at the date of the

Annual General Meeting and present at the Annual Meeting by a

show of hands.

8(4) The Committee shall have the authority to award honoraria to

officers of the Club at their discretion.


9(1) The first Committee Meeting after the Annual General Meeting shall

be held within 14 days of the Annual General Meeting.


9(2) Any appointments shall be honorary and shall be for a period of one

year but may be renewed.


9(3) Team managers/coaches shall not be members of the Committee

although they shall be members of the Club and may be elected to

the Committee in another capacity in addition to their appointment

as a Team Manager/Coach.


9(4) All official matters concerning the Club shall be conducted through

the Secretary with the exception of match reports for the local press.


10 The Committee shall invite a suitable person to be Club President.

The President shall be a member of the Club. The President shall

not be a member of the Committee.


11 The Appointment of Honorary Life Membership may be proposed

by members of the Committee. Such nominations shall be made

with the written consent of the nominee and shall be proposed and

seconded in writing and submitted to the EC for approval.

Nominees will normally be expected to have given long and

valuable service to the Club over a number of years.


12 The President and Honorary Life Members shall be entitled to

attend Committee Meetings but shall not have voting rights in those



13(1) The Committee shall meet formally at least once every month. A

quorum shall be sixty per cent of the elected committee members.


13(2) Any member shall be free to make representations in writing to any

Committee member at any time. All such representations shall be

replied to by the Secretary within 14 days of the next following

Committee Meeting.


13(3) In the event of a vote being taken on any matter under discussion by

the Committee, the Chairman of the Committee shall have a casting

vote only.

14(1) The EC shall meet formally at least three times a year. A quorum

shall be three members, including a Chairman. Minutes shall be



14(2) In the event of a vote being taken on any matter under discussion

the Chairman of the meeting of the EC shall be entitled to vote.


15 The Committee shall have the power to establish such sub-

Committees as they shall see fit to undertake specific functions and

shall include a Social and Fundraising Committee and a Managers'

and Coaches Committee. Each sub-Committee shall be chaired by

an officer of the Club, to be decided by the Committee. Such sub-

Committees shall report to the Committee.


16 The Committee shall have the power to co-opt further members of

the Club to serve on any committee or sub-committee including the

EC as necessary. Such persons shall remain members of the

Committee or sub-committee until the next Annual General Meeting

when they shall resign but may offer themselves for election to the



17(1) Any appointee of the Club who does not wish to be considered for

re-appointment  shall advise the Secretary in writing within 28 days

of the Annual General Meeting.


17 (2) The Committee shall have the authority to require the resignation

of any Officer of the Club, committee or sub-committee member or

member of the Club where such person has been deemed guilty of

bringing the Club into disrepute.


17(3) The Committee shall not terminate any appointment or membership

without the written agreement of the EC whose decision shall be



18 The Club shall be represented on such bodies as they are obliged or

entitled and the Committee shall decide the Club's representation.


19 All members and appointees o f the Club shall obey all the Rules set

down by the Football Association and such other Associations,

Competitions and Leagues to which the Club shall be affiliated, in

addition to the Rules of the Club. In the event that the Club Rules

run contrary to the above, then the Football Association,

Association, Competition or League Rules shall prevail.

20(1) In the event that any member or appointee is disciplined by the

Football Association or such other Association, Competition or

League to which the Club is affiliated, the EC shall have the

authority to consider the matter and may impose a (further) penalty

upon the offender beyond and in addition to any imposed by the

disciplining authority.


20(2) Financial penalties imposed by the EC shall have regard to the

offender’s ability to pay, their position within the Club or any other

such matter as the EC shall deem appropriate. The EC shall also

have the power to expel or suspend any member or appointee

should they see fit, notwithstanding the provisions of Rule 20 (1).


20(3) Any member or appointee expelled or suspended by the EC may be

reported to any other associated organisation with a

recommendation that such membership thereof be likewise

suspended or terminated.


20(4) Any EC penalty shall be notified in writing to the offender but shall

not have effect until the expiry of 14 days after the offender shall

have been so notified to allow time for appeal. Any appeal shall be

in writing to the Chairman of the Club and the matter shall be put

before the Management Committee to adjudicate on the appeal. The

appellant shall have the right of attendance. The decision o f the

Committee shall be final.


21 Notwithstanding any of the above the EC shall have the authority to

investigate any instance of misconduct, whether reported to them or

at their own instigation. Reports of misconduct must be made in

writing to the Chairman of the Committee either in that capacity or

as Chairman of the EC. In the event of any allegation being proven

after investigation a penalty under Rule 20 may be imposed.



22 The Committee may call an Extraordinary General Meeting of

members by giving at least 14 days' written notification incorporating a fixed Agenda. An EGM may also be called by Members of the Club upon written application to the Secretary signed by at least 15 members.


23(1) The Committee shall have the power to seek financial support f or the Club from whatever source they deem necessary, consistent with the aims and image of the Club, bearing in mind Rule 24.


23(2) The Committee shall be authorised to make discretionary

contributions from Club funds towards travelling expenses of

players who live outside a 30-mile radius of St George's Square,



23(3) Any person representing the Club on official Club business may

claim travelling expenses in line with the "officials" travelling

expenses as laid down in the F A Women's Premier League

Regulations. The Rule shall not apply to persons attending Club



23(4) No person shall incur expenditure on behalf of the Club without the prior approval of any two of Chairman, Secretary o r Treasurer.


24 The Club shall not be financially dependent upon Huddersfield

Town AFC Ltd.


25 The Club shall, however, seek to maintain and improve all links with Huddersfield Town AFC Ltd.


26 The Committee shall have power to investigate all possible

improvements to the Club facilities offered to members on and off

the pitch bearing in mind the minimum requirements of any

Association, Competition or League to which the Club is affiliated.


27 The Accounting Year of the Club shall run from 1 June to 31 May.


28 Interest-bearing accounts shall be maintained by the Club with a

recognised reputable financial institution. The Committee shall have

the authority to direct the Treasurer to open such accounts as shall

be deemed necessary or expedient. Signatories to such account(s)

shall be






29 Any amendment to any Rule or part of this Constitution must be

proposed and seconded in writing at least 28 days in advance of an

Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting called

for that purpose and shall be adopted upon sixty per cent of

members present voting in favour.


30 Any matter not covered by the above Rules and Constitution shall

be decided by and at the discretion of the relevant Committee.